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Background of monoclonal antibody titer analysis

Monoclonal antibodies (Mab's) are growing as the most active sector in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. During R&D and production processes, it is necessary to analyze a large number of samples made from cell culture quickly in order to monitor expressed antibody concentration, also known as Titer. One of the fastest, most accurate and most reliable analytical methods is Protein A affinity chromatography, the method preferred by the industry.

Protein A affinity chromatography has the following properties:

(1) Direct use on HPLC instruments

(2) Fast and accurate analysis of antibody concentration

(3) Wide linearity range

(4) Difficult to get sample overloading

Advantages of Absolut A affinity chromatography columns for antibody analysis

(1) Mono-dispersed PS-DVB particles feature very high rigidity, low back pressure and quick mass transfer

(2) Unique hydrophilic surface treatment technology minimizes nonspecific absorption and guarantees accurate determination of antibody concentration

(3) Stainless steel and PEEK columns allow direct use on HPLC instruments

(4) Fast analysis cycle time: 2 to 5 minutes

(5) Satisfactory linearity within a wide concentration range from 0.02 to 10 mg/ml

(6) Long life time: 3000 analysis cycles

(7) The new alkali-resistant Protein A ligand allows 0.1 to 0.5M NaOH cleaning conditions

Technical parameters

AbsA p2 Technical parameters autobr

Excellent linearity

Quantitative analysis of antibody fermentation broth by Absolut A affinity columns

  AbsA p3 Image 1 Excellent linearity AbsA p3 Image 2Excellent linearity

Flow rate and pressure

The Absolut A affinity columns boast excellent pressure resistance. They are applicable to any HPLC instruments. The operating flow rate is adjustable within the range from 0.5 to 3 ml/min. The figure below illustrates the pressure change of Absolut A affinity chromatography columns under various flow rates.

AbsA p3 Flow rate and pressure

Flexible choice of flow rate

Due to its quick mass transfer, the AbSolut A packing material always produces satisfactory test results under various flow rates. Thus, customers can choose a suitable flow rate for antibody titer test according to the sample size.

AbsA p3 Flexible choice of flow rate

AbsA p4 Image 12  3Flow rale vs peak Areas

Stable batch

AbsA p4 Image 1 Stable batch

AbsA p4 Image 3 Stable batch

Life time

After 3000 repeated tests, the peak shape stayed consistent while both peak height and peak area showed no obvious change, thus demonstrating that the AbSolut A affinity chromatography columns will give you stable and reliable performance and a long life time.

AbsA p4 Image 1 Life time

 AbsA p5 First images

Examples of applications

The standard curves of a Fc fusion protein and an antibody sample provided by one of our customers produced the same R2 in the AbSolut A testing ie. 0.999 within the range from 1 μg to 32 μg.

 AbsA p5 Application cases Image 1 4

Ordering information

AbsA p5 Ordering information

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